Beam Me Up! The WWII Heroism of “Scotty” – James Doohan

    Ah… the times have a changed. It’s rare today to hear of a “star” who has put their life and livelihood on the line to serve. While there are notable exceptions to this today, as a general rule most have not served. But, it was not always the case. In World War II, many of the stars of the time and the later stars to be would give it up and put it all on the line.

    Including one James Montgomery Doohan, affectionately known to all nerds as “Scotty.”

    According to WarHistoryOnline, “Jimmy” as he was known in the civilian world, served with the Canadians in World War II, landing at Juno beach on D-Day. After killing two German snipers, he was later hit by “friendly” fire having his life saved by a lighter stored on his kit given to him as a good luck charm. It was good luck indeed, saving a round from entering his chest, but it did not deflect the rounds into his leg.

    Healing up, he moved up the ranks as an officer and pilot of the Taylorcraft Auster Mark IV plane, serving as a courier and spotter for artillery. “In early 1945, he flew his plane between two telegraph poles to prove it could be done. He got into trouble for that, and everyone called him the “craziest pilot in the Canadian Air Force.””

    The story gets only more interesting from there as a civilian. Check out WarHistoryOnline for the rest. 

    Nathan S

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