POTD: .17-50 BMG

    Thanks Adam S. for sharing this.

    Adam gets some interesting customers at his work. One thing I miss about working behind the gun counter is the oddball stuff that comes in once in a while. One of Adam’s customers brought this in.

    One of my customers said he “invented” a new caliber. It was a baited statement, but I bit anyways and asked, “What’d ya make?…”
    He pulls out the round on the left hand side from his pocket. He is a reloader and a machinist and he somehow managed to cut down a piece of .50 BMG brass, steeply shouldered it, and stuck a .17 caliber bullet on top.
    He’s been going around screwing with his friends saying its the latest and greatest .17 Hornet 2.0¬†or saying I just bought a gun in Rock Island Armory’s newest caliber: .17 TCM!!! It’s been having some feeding issues, but I’m sure they’ll work it out!
    It was pretty hilarious to talk about, but now that somebody made this ridiculous caliber…. I really want to know what would happen if you fired it! His “demo” round had a live primer in it with no powder…