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by Pete

One of my goals for the 2017 SHOT Show was to meet up with some of the most innovative and forward thinking individuals in the firearms industry. Being the silencer nut that I am, at the top of my list was Delta P Design, known mostly for their Brevis line of 3-D printed suppressors. Luckily for me, I scheduled the Delta P meeting in the Kelbly’s Rifles booth – legendary in the long range precision world, Kelbly’s designs and sells world class aluminum actions as well as complete competition, hunting and tactical rifles.

Last year the Kelbly’s team exported several hundred actions around the world, evidence that they have a solid reputation in the precision community. Lead times for complete rifles can range from six to nine months, depending on options and requirements.

Kelbly’s Aluminum Action

The use of aluminum in rifle actions has been the ultimate goal of many people for a number of decades. First developed by Ralph W. Stolle in the late 60’s and the early 70’s, the Stolle line of actions emerged after many changes in design and techniques. The rigidity and light weight characteristics are highly desirable features, a must in today’s competitive benchrest rifles. Made entirely of 7075-T651 aircraft aluminum and 4140 alloy steel, they insure the optimum in stiffness and durability.

Pictured below, the bottom rifle on the rack is a short barreled rifle trainer that was a project gun mean to be more easily packable. The second rifle from the top is chambered in 6.5 Creedmore, sporting a matching Delta P suppressor.

More fitting for my skills and abilities (and my budget) the Kelbly’s .22LR trainer is more my speed. Designed to be an economical way for competitors to train, the trainer maintains all the characteristics of its centerfire big brothers.

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