Battle Arms Development .300 BLK, VERT Stock & Receiver | SHOT 2017

    The staff at Battle Arms Development with their white lab coats were at it again this year, showing off AR15s you swear are works of art instead of rifles, save for the 5.56x45mm stampings on the receiver. Specifically new for 2017 was the companies .300 BLK rifle entry, VERT PDW monolithic lower, and the VERT stock system. Before we get into the details, I learned that much of the aluminum parts are made from 7075 T6 aluminum. Where most companies will stick with 6065 because of costs, Battle Arms Development commits themselves to 7075 which is an indication of how much quality they want to put into their rifles.

    .300 BLK offerings this year appear to be very much the most recent rage, with just LWRC and Barrett also introducing .300 BLK SBRs and rifles at their booths off the top of my head. Battle Arms Development’s entry has a 7.5″ barrel, direct impingement actuated and is 20.1″ overall. It is an SBR, and final price is $2,499 from the shop. Although it is also highly customizable. I don’t think there is rifle length version offered as of yet.

    Most of the time when we think of monolithic receivers, uppers come to mind. But with the VERT lower, Battle Arms Development has forgone the whole buffer tube threads and pieces, creating one piece to hold the companies collapsing stock system in place. Although the MSRP is $975, the receiver itself appears to be very rugged, especially with the stock system actually a part of it.

    However, if the stock doesn’t interest you, but are interested in one of the companies telescoping stocks, it is available for $425 with accompanying shortened buffer and spring. It is compatible with a standard BCG, so that’s less end work on the part of a new user.

    .300 BLK entry.

    The company was also selling this really neat AR tool, coming with everything from flathead screw drivers, cleaning bits, screw in handle, even an Aimpoint two dot adjustment bit.


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