Shield Sights RMS Can Co-Witness Glock MOS | SHOT 2017

Nicholas C
by Nicholas C

Most pistol red dots that mount to the Glock MOS line do not co-witness the factory irons. In fact I do not know of any red dot that can co-witness with the Glock sights without upgrading to tall suppressor sight. That is, until now.

Shield Sights have been making a micro red dot for JP Enterprises called the JPoint micro red dot. I have one on my M&P CORE. It has worked great for over 3 years and has not lost zero. I have not even had to change batteries. But I have to admit I do not shoot it that often so that is partly why the battery has lasted so long.

Well Shield Sights’ latest version is called the RMS and the housing is now made of aluminum compared to the JPoint’s polymer housing. Both are equally small.

Shield Sights also has a special mounting plate that is made for the JPoint or RMS to interface with a Glock MOS slide.

the rectangular section in front of the red dot is the special plate for the MOS line.

The irons can co-witness through the red dot.

The RMS is just as small as the Jpoint

One major improvement, besides upgrading to metal housings, is a side battery tray. The old JPoint red dots have to be removed to change batteries, which results in checking your zero and possible re-zeroing your red dot.

Nicholas C
Nicholas C

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  • Joe Gamer Joe Gamer on Jan 24, 2017

    Looks good, not actually buy a glock good, but pretty good.

  • Payce Payce on Jan 26, 2017

    The only downside I can see is that it's auto brightness adjust. Not a big deal if your inside shooting inside or outside shooting outside. Dark into light will make the irons necessary but to me, it shouldn't be that way. The sight should be able to operate in all conditions and that's enough to write it off for a serious use to me.