VISM BlastAR Kit

    VISM BlastAR Kit

    NcStar will being selling a new kit of AR-style rifles in 2017 called the VISM BlastAR Kit.

    According to NcStar, the VISM BlastAR Kit will take your “AR-15 to the next level” by transforming “your ordinary AR into a modern, cutting edge battle rifle.” Before I go any farther, let me say that this could be a great product. However, over-hyped marketing like this does more to make me not want the product than it does to want it.

    Ok, so what does the BlastAR Kit include? This:

    • hand guard: a two-piece hand guard with KeyMod attachment points and Picatinny rail on top
    • carry handle: this is a forward positioned carry handle that wraps around an F-marked front sight tower; it has a riser in the back and M-LOK slots on the top
    • magwell adapter: two-piece unit that acts as a funnel
    • thumbhole stock: fixed length with internal storage and QD points

    A few things that left me scratching my head on this one. First, why mix KeyMod and M-LOK attachment points on the same rifle? Aren’t most people buying into one or the other, but not both? Secondly, doesn’t that carry handle location seem to be¬†too far forward to balance properly if you were to use it to carry the rifle?

    No word yet on a shipping date or what the suggested retail price may be. NcStar components tend to be inexpensive, so I am guessing the BlastAR kit will not break the bank.

    So, what do you think? Do you agree with NcStar that this kit will transform your AR into a “cutting edge battle rifle?”

    Richard Johnson

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