Blue Laser from NcStar


    Red. Green. Blue. These three colors, sometimes referred to as RGB, have been used to describe computer monitors, video inputs and a color model used by photographers and programmers. They are also the colors available to shooters adding a laser aiming device to a firearm.

    Red lasers have been used for aiming consumer firearms for several decades. Green lasers have become popular in the last few years. Blue lasers are now coming on line.

    NcStar will show their rail mounted blue laser at the 2015 SHOT Show. The units will emit a (roughly) 5mW 450nm laser and operate on a single CR123A battery.

    According to NcStar, the blue laser will bridge the gap between red and green lasers by:

    • offer better visibility than red lasers,
    • offer increased run time compared to¬†green lasers, and
    • operate in cold weather better than green lasers.

    NcStar states this unit will run for 30 or more hours on a single battery. A specific operating temperature range and MSRP is not immediately available. Units will be available with and without a remote pressure switch.

    Richard Johnson

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