NEW: Remington 700 AWR – American Wilderness Rifle

    Remington 700 AWR

    Remington Arms Company has a new addition to their staple Model 700. They now have the Remington 700 AWR – American Wilderness Rifle. For people who treat their firearms like tools and not display pieces, this rifle is built to take a beating.

    All of the components chosen to build up this Model 700 kept Mother Nature in mind. The action is built from 416 stainless steel for durability. The barrel is free-floated from the stock and utilizes 5R rifling. To seal out rust the rifle is finished in a black cerakote as well.

    Remington 700 AWROf course, it would not be a 700 if it did not have the X-Mark Pro Trigger. For those who are uninitiated, the X-Mark Pro Trigger is fully adjustable and is a great out-of-the-box trigger. There are a lot of after-market triggers on the market that are worth consideration and may be better, but the X-Mark Pro Trigger is no slouch.

    The stock used has quite a bit of curb appeal, but serves a purpose also. Remington chose a brown with black spider-webbing Grayboe stock. It is fiberglass and epoxy filled with the action pillar bedded into it. This makes the rifle a little heavier than others out there (7 Lbs. 6 Oz.), but still very manageable to hunt with.

    At the moment, the following calibers and magazine capacities are available for consumers:

    • .270 Winchester (4-Round)
    • 7mm Remington Magnum (3-Round)
    • .30-06 Springfield (4-Round)
    • .300 Winchester Magnum (3-Round)

    All of these offerings MSRP at the same price of $1,150 with the same length barrels, stocks, and overall weight. Aside from the caliber and their varying twist rates, the only difference among them is the magazine capacity in their hinged floorplate.

    Remington had this to say about their newest Model 700:

    In the wild and remote places that fuel your dreams, every opportunity is earned. The Model 700 AWR (American Wilderness Rifle) features a black Cerakote finish that protects its free-floated 5R barrel and legendary stainless steel action, forming a virtually indestructible barrier against corrosion and abuse. All solidly anchored within a high-performance Grayboe stock, it delivers the ultimate in strength, precision and all-weather durability.

    These should be available to order through most gun shops already. While the MSRP flutters at $1,150 you should see them on store shelves for approximately $1,000.

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