AcuSport 5R Remington 700

Steve Johnson
by Steve Johnson

AcuSport have added .300 Win. Mag. and .223 Rem. to their Remington 700 line which features 5-R rifling. From the press release:

Following the huge success of the Remington Model 700 (#9663) with 5-R rifling in .308 caliber. AcuSport is pleased to add two new Model 700 rifles to the 5-R line. Features a M700 stainless steel barreled action with 5-R barrel, the same barrel, an aluminum bedding in block in standard VS configuration. The 5-R designation refers to the barrels five lands and grooves and eleven degree target crown.

5R rifling is said be to easier to clean because the sides of the lands are more rounded than conventional rifling making it easier for a cleaning patch to get into the groove. It also is said to prevent gas leakage. I believe the M24 Rem 700 variant uses 5R rifling.

I have emailed the PR guy at AcuSport asking what the MSRP is. When I know I will update this blog post.

UPDATE: MSRP is for .223 and .308 is $1,359. The 300WM has a suggested price of $1,379.

More info here (PDF link)

Steve Johnson
Steve Johnson

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  • James James on Sep 16, 2009

    Forgot to metion, '' has a smokin' deal on this rifle in .223, .308 and .300 WM. Also as a 'deployment package'. If you're interested in this gun, contact them for more info.

  • Thomas Breinig Thomas Breinig on Jun 20, 2010

    I have purhased a remington .223 with the 5r rifling and this thing is the most accurate rifle I have ever owned, it is my 3rd .223 the first a CZ527 varmint kevlar (accurate but finicky about what it likes), second a Kimber Provarmint ( a real piece of junk I could not get it to shoot MOA at 100 yards even after it was returned to the factory for accuracy issues and now the remington, it has shot everything sub MOA 5 shot groups to 200 yds. but with the 55 grain berger bullets it shot 5- 6 shot groups with and average of 1.090. Previously I shot 3-3 shot groups at 200 yds. and averaged .700. If you are looking for a accurate varmint of range rifle this is it. I also shot 68 gr. bthp matches at 200 yards with an average of 1.350 and the 6th shot everytime was the spread the 5 would be inside of a inch.