AcuSport 5R Remington 700

    AcuSport have added .300 Win. Mag. and .223 Rem. to their Remington 700 line which features 5-R rifling. From the press release:

    Following the huge success of the Remington Model 700 (#9663) with 5-R rifling in .308 caliber. AcuSport is pleased to add two new Model 700 rifles to the 5-R line. Features a M700 stainless steel barreled action with 5-R barrel, the same barrel, an aluminum bedding in block in standard VS configuration. The 5-R designation refers to the barrels five lands and grooves and eleven degree target crown.

    Picture 8-28

    5R rifling is said be to easier to clean because the sides of the lands are more rounded than conventional rifling making it easier for a cleaning patch to get into the groove. It also is said to prevent gas leakage. I believe the M24 Rem 700 variant uses 5R rifling.

    I have emailed the PR guy at AcuSport asking what the MSRP is. When I know I will update this blog post.

    UPDATE: MSRP is for .223 and .308 is $1,359. The 300WM has a suggested price of $1,379.

    More info here (PDF link)

    Steve Johnson

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