Grayboe Shows Us Around Their New Factory

    Who is the madman behind Grayboe stocks? That would be Ryan McMillan, son of Kelly McMillan. Given that Ryan has literally grown up around some of the best shooters in the world and likely played in the McMillan Fiberglass Stocks factory as a child, it would be easy to say that stock making is in his blood.

    I want to talk a bit about Ryan before we get too far into what Grayboe is about because I feel that knowing a bit about his background will speak volumes about the values he built his company on. Ryan is a US Navy vet that signed up with the sole intention of becoming a SEAL. Not only was he successful in becoming one of the Navy’s most elite sailors, but he was also a damned good one based on what I have heard through mutual acquaintances.

    If his company embraces the same values that I saw in Ryan and his father Kelly, every customer that clicks the “buy now” button for a Grayboe stock is in good hands.


    What you see below is the end product of an interesting process that I know painfully little about. The two stocks on the bottom are the Renegade series, the only licensed clone of a McMillan A5 on the planet. The top three stock are the Outlander series and is a more traditional style of stock. P1090262

    The process is rather complicated and what little they did share with me I didn’t much understand. I do know that the material is injected into the molds, there is no fill, and they are able to tune the material much like McMillan is able to adjust the fill used on their fiberglass stocks.

    Below you see some of the Grayboe employees cleaning molds before refilling for another curing cycle. P1090263

    The injection molded manufacturing process lends itself to a ton of options like bottom metal specific plugs, barrel specific plugs, etc. In the future, this will allow Grayboe to quickly change stock styles while maintaining the same efficiency over more traditional methods. P1090271

    Below you see an unfinished stock on the mold. The stocks come right out of the mold just about ready to shoot. All that is needed is to drop the test action into it and some pin gauges to make sure that the tolerances are within spec.P1090281P1090293P1090291

    We will be taking a closer look at the Grayboe stocks soon. I think that the technology that Ryan is using to make some really solid stocks is nothing short of impressive. It has some promising applications, but I won’t spoil anything by letting the cat out of the bag.

    You can learn more about Grayboe Stocks over at their website HERE. MSRP starts at $299 for the Outlander and goes up to $349 for the Renegade. If you do some comparison shopping, you are going to be hard pressed to find a precision rifle stock as good as a Grayboe in the same price range.