BREAKING: Savage Arms MSR Coming January 2017

    Savage Arms MSR

    Savage Arms posted a teaser video on YouTube yesterday showing remnants of an MSR (modern sporting rifle). Some simple features that can be seen from the shadowy video are an M-Lok free float handguard, a side charging handle, and a dust cover (possibly plastic). The Savage Arms MSR should officially be unveiled at SHOT Show.

    Some features that I would expect to see on the rest of the Savage Arms MSR are a lot of Blackhawk! branded parts. If you are wondering why not Magpul, Vista Outdoor owns Savage Arms and Blackhawk! accessories. It only makes sense to support yourself. A Blackhawk! AR Blaze Trigger was introduced this summer and they already offer collapsible stocks and iron sights. So that right there covers a few interchangeable parts.

    Also, knowing the reputation of barrel quality that Savage Arms offers in their bolt-action rifles I would hope to see an above-average barrel.

    The slightly cryptic, but exciting video for the Savage Arms MSR can be seen below.

    With Savage Arms’ ability to produce high volume firearms and their reputation of quality, 2017 should make for an interesting year in the world of AR-15s.

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