BLACKHAWK! Tailors Conceal & Carry Clothing For Operators & Civilians Alike


    Blackhawk! Tactical Softshell Jacket

    Blackhawk! announced on May 18th that new apparel lines were to be debuted at the “NRA Annual Meetings & Exhibits” in Louisville, Kentucky. Now Blackhawk! has declared their apparel is shipping or available in stores.

    Blackhawk! has two lines of apparel they are going to produce under. One is a “Pursuit” collection that demands a higher price tag and is very detail-oriented:

    The BLACKHAWK! Pursuit collection includes the new Pursuit Tactical Pant, Long Sleeve and Short Sleeve shirts, and the feature-packed Tactical Softshell Jacket. Pursuit styles feature durable ripstop fabric, new pocket system technologies and waterproof functionality. The garments are designed for operators and personnel who demand a reliable blend of function and security.


    Blackhawk! Pursuit Long-Sleeve Shirt


    The other collection of clothing they released is an everyday, causal wear line:


    The balance of the 2016 apparel line is designed to make every-day concealed carry more comfortable with well-designed features and innovative fabrics. Non-printing casual shirts and polos are designed for daily wear and to retain BLACKHAWK! functionality.

    Blackhawk! 1700 Short-Sleeve Shirt

    Blackhawk! 1700 Short-Sleeve Shirt


    The expansion of their clothing line includes 14 new clothing styles that should cater to the needs of shooters and law enforcement. They have also increased their headwear offerings with 10 new pieces.



    Blackhawk! Oversized Logo Cap


    All of their clothing can be seen on their website, and hopefully as they state, in a store near you. To see all of the different apparel options Blackhawk! has to offer, visit their website HERE.

    To see the press release announcement of the new apparel lines before the “NRA Annual Meetings & Exhibits,” click HERE.

    To view the press release for their apparel hitting store shelves, click HERE.

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