Dutch MARSOF officially purchase .300 BLK SIG MCX Rifles

    Among a wave of growing enthusiasm for the .300 BLK cartridge, the Netherlands Maritime Special Operations Force have officially approved the purchase and issue of 195 Sig Sauer .300 BLK MCX rifles, with integrated suppressors, and a helmet visor accommodating stock that has previously been seen on the 7.62x39mm variant of the MCX. This type of stock has been popular with many European special operations and police units, due to tactics that require the use of a helmet visor being donned while conducting operations involving smoke or any sort of gas.

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    Previously we covered the possible adoption of the cartridge by the Dutch in this post. Here is the Jane’s news paragraph

    SIG has delivered MCX series short-barrel carbines chambered in 7.62×35 mm (300 BLK) ammunition to the Netherlands Maritime Special Operations Force (NL-MARSOF), a company representative has told IHS Jane’s.

    The SIG MCX carbines delivered to NL-MARSOF are integrally suppressed and fitted with a new folding stock developed for use with ballistic visor helmets.

    Under the tender announced in June 2015 by the Netherlands’ Defence Material Organisation, the NL-MARSOF was looking to buy 195 select-fire short-barrelled carbines and 1.82 million 7.62×35 mm ball, subsonic, and lead-free frangible cartridges.

    This is the first publicly announced official adoption of the .300 BLK cartridge by a military force, a contract that is often very coveted within the small arms industry. There might have been other forces that adopted the cartridge, but we just don’t know about them publicly. However, the true test of the cartridge should be ahead, as military usage can bring out the best and worst in any piece of equipment. Should the cartridge see successful usage by the Dutch, it could pave the way for further adoption around the world, and especially any adoption by a U.S. Special Operations force. Many international military and industry planners specifically look at what is being carried by U.S. SOCCOM for what to push next.

    I think we all know who the first customers of the AR10 were…


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