Dutch SF interested in .300 BLK

    Jane’s is reporting that the Dutch special forces are putting out a contract request to buy 195 carbines chambered in .300 BLK and an assorted amount of ammunition to go along with the package. Now, this isn’t big news yet, because all this is, is a request to the gun industry to see what will come out, and possibly go along with the contract if it goes through. It could still be scrapped for whatever reason, but regardless, this is the first time a standing military has been completely serious about purchasing something chambered in the .300 BLK round, and at that, a NATO military as well. They mentioned that they were interested in complete rifles instead of just conversion kits.

    The Netherlands Maritime Special Operations Force (NL-MARSOF) are planning to purchase a new carbine chambered in the non-NATO standard 7.62×35 mm (300 BLK), with a formal tender being launched by the Netherlands’ Defence Material Organisation.

    The tender is the first publicly known tender for the purchase of a 7.62×35 mm chambered rifle by any military.

    In total, the Dutch naval commandos are looking to buy 195 select-fire carbines and 1.82 million 7.62×35 mm cartridges (1,345,000 ball, 244,000 subsonic, and 231,000 lead free frangible). Suppliers can apply to supply any combination of the small arms and rounds until 27 July.

    The standard armament for the NL-MARSOF commandos is currently the short-barrelled German H&K HK416 carbine (chambered in the NATO-standard 5.56×45 mm round), which replaced the previously used Diemaco C8A1GD. It is possible to convert the HK416, or other AR-15 based rifles, to fire 7.62×35 mm ammunition by fitting a new upper receiver, barrel, and bolt.


    A Dutch line platoon in Afghanistan with Diemaco rifles. Time will tell if this purchase spreads throughout the rest of the army.


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