FAB-Defense AR- and AK-Podium

    FAB-Defense from Israel just launched a bi-pod support. This time it’s a product for both AR15 and AK47 / AKM users.

    The AR-podium includes the AGR-43 pistol grip and the Podium bi-pod.

    The AK-Podium is called AGR-47, and also includes the pistol grip and the Podium bi-pod.

    Both versions are made of light reinforced polymer composite. You can have any color you like, as long as its Matt-Black, Olive Drab green or Flat Dark Earth.


    FAB-Defense AR-Podium


    According to FAB-Defense “the Podium implements a bi-pod support for the AR-15 or AK-47 platforms in a new and innovative way. The Podium enables the operator to install a steady and durable bi-pod platform without adding front-end weight and saving valuable rail space.”


    You can deploy the bi-pod with the main shooting hand, by the push of a button, without having to alter the grip on the weapon.

    The AR-Podium is compatible with M-16 and AR-15 , 5.56×45 lower receiver variants, with a standard magazine well. The AK-Podium works with AK-47/ AKM standard models.

    I wonder what will happen if you use different pistol grips? What will fit and what won’t? Or perhaps you have to use the FAB-Defense pistol grip?

    Here’s a video of the AR-Podium in action.

    I don’t know much about marketing, but if you ask me, I wouldn’t show a rifle flipping up and down like that. He controls the rifle better when he’s kneeling.

    In my opinion, the longer out on a rifle the bipod is on the hand guard, the steadier it gets. If you need to “swing” the rifle a lot to change targets, I would prefer the bipod a bit longer in on the hand guard, but most likely not as far back as the AR-Podium. For the type of shooting in the movie, a magazine support would probably have worked just as good or even better.


    From the installation manual, showing the Podium from different angles.


    From the instruction manual: “To deploy the Podium, push the button, placed under the pistol grip of the AR. The Podium is easily deployed with the main shooting hand.”




    Unfortunately I have yet to find any pictures of the AK-Podium, perhaps it’s still in prototyping?

    I can’t help it, when I see the the AR-Podium I think about the HERA CQR stock and Bulgarovs DEX stock for the AR-15. How come all these pretty similar products seem to be released within the time frame of a week or two? What influenced them?

    In FAB Defense’s case, it’s easy to see that the influence came from their TAR Podium, for the IWI Tavor.

    The Podium probably makes more sense on the Tavor than on the AR and AK platform? I have a Tavor and wouldn’t mind trying. But to buy one without trying first, most likely not.


    These Podiums seem pretty good if you want to display your rifle, and make it stand upright for a photo.

    For shooting, most likely the TAC-SAC (NSFW) could be more helpful in aiding the control of the rifle?

    You can find the main FAB-Defense homepage here.

    Eric B

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