[Big 3 East] UM Tactical Is Making Suppressors

    UM Tactical has been making themselves known through their RAGE compensator. Nathan S. wrote about it last February. Click here to read about it.

    At Big 3 East last week Brian, founder and owner of UM Tactical, showed off his latest evolution of the RAGE system. He is making integrated barrels. So rather than adding the RAGE comp to the end of the barrel, they will have ported barrels. The end of the barrels have holes near the muzzle. There will be RAGE comps that will slide over those holes and thread onto the barrel but the comp will technically be behind the muzzle.

    More interesting than that is UM Tactical’s step into the world of NFA. They are making a 9mm integrally suppressed 9mm carbine. Brian was so eager to show off his new project that be brought down the prototype. They are still decided if this will be available simply as a barrel, upper or complete weapon.

    It is extremely quiet and is venting the super sonic gasses of 115 grain so they drop down to sub sonic levels.

    No word on pricing but they will be available next year.

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