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TFB Review: B&T SPC-9SD PDW Sauer 404 Silence XTC Bolt Action Rifle (1) TFB Review: B&T SPR300 PRO HANDS ON: The New B&T SPR300 PRO Introducing the New SPR300 Pro Model from B&T [SHOT 2020] Innovative Arms Integral CZ Scorpion

[SHOT 2020] Innovative Arms Integral CZ Scorpion Suppressor

Innovative Arms is a manufacturer of many types and styles of firearms suppressors. Innovative arms came out this year with a new take on their Innovative Arms Integral CZ Scorpion Evo which has now been shortened by two inches and features an improved heat dissipation [Read More…]

[SHOT 2020] Industry Range Day – Kel-Tec SUB2000 CQB – Integrally Suppressed Folding PCC

At SHOT Show range day today, Kel-Tec introduced their brand new version of the SUB2000, the SUB2000 CQB. The CQB has an integral suppressor and still folds easily for compact storage. The forend of the rifle actually functions as part of the suppressor, and take-down [Read More…]

Bucket list Tula Civilian VSS Vintorez (1) Suppressed Scorpion

New Industry Standard for Measuring Suppressor Blowback to Be Introduced By ARDEC [NDIA 2017]

At the 2017 National Defense Industry Association’s annual Armament Systems Forum in April, representatives of the US Army Armament Research, Development and Engineering Center (ARDEC) presented a new method for measuring and quantifying gas blowback with [Read More…]