New Guncrafter 1911 Long Slide 1911s: .50 GI, 10mm

    Guncrafter Model 4

    Guncrafter Industries announced a pair of new 1911 style handguns chambered for cartridges other than the .45 ACP. (Guncrafter Industries is the same company that makes the .50 GI conversion for the Glock 20 and 21 pistols.)

    Model 4

    The new Model 4 is chambered for the .50 GI cartridge and was designed for extreme accuracy in the field. It has a 6″ heavy, match grade barrel to offer improved velocity when compared to typical 5″ guns. According to the company, the design of this handgun “allows the use of more powerful 50 GI hand loads.” Guncrafter states that a 25% increase in muzzle velocity and a more than 60% increase in muzzle energy can be achieved in the Model 4 without increasing felt recoil much beyond that of a typical .45 ACP pistol.

    Guncrafter expects this pistol to be good for handgun hunting and as back up in bear country.

    Some of the gun’s features/specs:

    • solid match trigger
    • frame and slide machined from forgings
    • beveled magazine well
    • hammer, sear, disconnector machined tool steel
    • adjustable rear sight with tritium front (fiber optic, gold bead, etc. optional)
    • parkerized finish (Melonite, hard chrome, other finishes optional)
    • 41 ounces unloaded

    The base price on the Model 4 is $4,125.

    No Name Longslide

    The latest addition to the No Name Longslide family is the 6″ model chambered in 10mm. This new 1911 style pistol is also suitable for hunting as well as informal bowling pin matches and other activities. As with the Model 4 above, the No Name Longslide promises improved accuracy from the increased sight radius and faster velocities with an extra inch of barrel length.

    The No Name Longslide is Melonite finished for corrosion resistance. The base price on this pistol is $2,995.

    Richard Johnson

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