.50 GI AR-15 Uppers

Steve Johnson
by Steve Johnson

AR-15 owners will soon have another “point five-oh” option for their rifles: the .50 GI. Before now only 1911 and Glock conversion kits were available for the cartridge.

The .50 GI was born out of the idea that if .40 was better than 9mm, and .45 was better than .40, then .50 must be better then .45. It should not be compared to the .500 S&W, .50 Beowulf or the .50 Action Express as it has much less power. The cartridge is comparable to the .45 ACP +P cartridge, but with a larger diameter bullet.

8″ SBR with .50 GI magazine.
Carbine with AR-15 magazines converted to take .50 GI

The .50 GI magazine holds 14 rounds and the AR-15 magazine holds 9 rounds.

The 16″ upper will sell for $750 and with one magazine. You can see the contact details of the manufacturer, RMW Xtreme Inc., at the beginning of the below video.

The 8 inch SBR chambered in .50 GI

Thanks to Giesler for the link.

Hat Tip: Photos from 475AR @ .50 GI Forum

Steve Johnson
Steve Johnson

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  • Chris Oberg Chris Oberg on Oct 14, 2011

    This would be a great compliment to the Guncrafter .50GI
    and Glock/Guncrafter .50GI conversion
    Thanks for promoting the .50GI cartridge.

  • Clark Clark on Jun 09, 2012

    The 9" gun resembles MGI's multi-caliber AR system, the Hydra. Look at the lever on the bottom of the handguard...

    It this a switch-barrel gun?