Geissele Picatinny Bayonet Mount

    Soldier Systems Daily is reporting on a product from Geissele Automatics that was shown at Modern Day Marine. This particular product is picatinny rail mounted bayonet mount. It can securely fit an Ontario Knife Company M9 (Modern use) or the M7 (Vietnam era issue). It is secured via three hand tightened screws to the picatinny rail. Interestingly enough there was a very specific design requirement for this, and that was that when Geissele took part in the M4A1+RFI enhancement program with their handguard, this would have allowed a full length handguard to still be able to mount a bayonet. So unlike the Tactical Beard Camouflage garment, this item stemmed from a real world procurement requirement. Either way, I’m sure this is being marketed more as a novelty item than any serious attempt for a government contract or mass civilian sale. Though the advantages of a full length rail system are aplenty, I don’t think the government would take this picatinny mounted product into consideration if it really came down to it.


    My opinion on bayonets has come up before on TFB. Essentially it comes down to the psychological factor of their usage being much more prevalent than any real world reality when it comes to close quarter combat between armed belligerents.



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