Check For Baffle Strikes with SureFire Bore Rods from Geissele

    Those who have never experienced a baffle strike typically never think about a baffle strike. Its a remote possibility that only happens on the internet. However, those who have experienced a baffle strike tend to take precautions to avoid them.

    Seeing an opportunity for a fantastic niche product, SureFire (a manufacturer of suppressors) and Geissele has stepped up again with their new Bore Rods. The new rods are basically precision machined straight rods that are inserted through the bore to check for the proper alignment of a suppressor or muzzle device.


    To use, the rods are inserted into the barrel while the muzzle device is installed. If it is concentric, there will be equal spacing around the rod. If not concentric, it should be an easy visual check with the being offset.

    Rods are available for most of the common centerfire bores including .223, 6.5, 6.8, 7.62, and .338. No word on other calibers. Retail for the rod is set at $79 each and before anyone has an infarction, Geissele has added the following:

    ”…our Rod is held to +\- .0001″ not just on the diameter, but also over the length of the rod. It is incredibly straight and difficult to make (It’s straight to +/- .0001″ over the length of the Rod!). Which is why it’s so expensive. A lathe would not be able to keep it that straight over the entire length of the 15″ Rod. Our Rod is Gage quality, not a run of the mill bar stock cut down.”

    Being in the manufacturing side, truly straight drill rod is not cheap. The price is fair considering the processes used, at least in my opinion.

    Nathan S

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