Autonomous Alloys Smart Target System Pre-Order

    Remember that awesome target system from Autonomous Alloys that we posted about last month? Well they’re finally available for pre-order. They’ve actually hit over $145,000 as of today on their Indiegogo pre-sale, their goal was to get at least $100,000 to help get their project off the ground. If you didn’t know about Autonomous Alloy’s targets they’re pretty cool. When you shoot their AR500 steel target they reset via an magnetic resetting system, they’re¬†wirelessly enabled and they also have multi-color LED lights built into the targets for multiple training scenarios and games with other shooters that are included with the mobile app.

    The app comes with 20 games and drill modes that are customizable. You can also create a shooter profile to record your shooting history, it also has an integrated shot timer. You can see a few examples of the various games and training simulations in the video below.


    There will be two models available, the MR-22 and MR-45. The MR-22 model is for .22LR and lighter loads with a max of 200 ft-lb of energy. The MR-45 is for stronger loads up to 500 ft-lb. This set up won’t be cheap even with the pre-sale. For two targets and bases with two extra shields for the LED lights you’re looking at $649.

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