Autonomous Alloy Target System

    Autonomous Alloy has a fun looking target system. They are linkable steel targets that connect to a smart phone. They are like a combnation of the Larue or Strike Mark steel targets that auto reset mixed with the connectivity of Auto Targets. You may recall a couple articles about Auto Targets. Click here if you missed it.

    Autonomous Alloy is a little different. while Auto Targets have different zones that you can program to sense the bullet strike, the Autonomous Alloy targets have color coded LEDs that give shooters feedback. As you can see in the video below, the LEDs signify which targets you are supposed to shoot and which one’s your opponent shoots. The design looks simple and can be set up relatively easy and quickly. And just like the Auto Targets system, the targets can report and chart your performance.

    No mention of battery life or range the targets can be from each other or if they have to be within wifi range of the mobile device used to control the targets. For more information go to

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