Review: Newest Edition of Nosler Reloading Guide

    In 1946 a man by the name of John Nosler went on a particularly frustrating moose hunt. Nosler had made an accurate killing shot on a moose using his .300 H&H, then watched as the animal failed to go down. Due to the events of that hunt he decided the gun industry was in need of bullets that got the job done every time. The result was the Partition, a dual core bullet. Using ammunition loaded with the new bullets John Nosler and his friend Clarence Purdie were able to drop moose with a single shot apiece the following fall. And in 1948, the Nosler Partition Bullet Company was founded.


    Now, in 2016, Nosler has released the 8th edition of the Nosler Reloading Guide. The newest edition of the guide includes information about new rounds such as the 458 SOCOM and features brand new introductions to each cartridge. Information regarding the latest powders is also included. As in other editions the company has included “Comments from the Lab” for certain cartridges. “Comments from the Lab” is a section designed to save reloaders both time and money.

    Introductions to cartridges include anecdotes from hunts where appropriate. Stories of hunts are written by prominent outdoor writers within the industry including Brian McCombie, Richard Mann, and Ron Spomer, among others. Handgun cartridges are discussed by writers with real-life self-defense and active shooter experience such as former LEO Massad Ayoob. While many readers often tend not take note of the authors, the content is absolutely reliant upon the skills and experience of the writer. Suffice to say Nosler has a good collection of pieces in this latest guide.


    Images in the guide include cross-sections of bullets and to-scale cartridges complete with in-depth measurements. Ballistics tables are precise and lengthy, as is expected of a quality reloading guide. At the back of the book is an energy chart for both rifle and handgun bullets. A glossary follows the energy charts and will help newcomers with the basics of what a bullet is while also explaining not only what a jacket is but what it’s for and what metal is best used in their creation. There are a few blank, lined pages at the back for notes.

    The Nosler Reloading Guide 8 is a well-written, reliable reloading manual for those looking for more than just a topical glance at ballistics and the bullets themselves. It offers almost 800 pages of information and makes it interesting thanks to the stories from various outdoor writers. Whether you’re a novice or have been reloading for years, this book is a welcome addition to any library. MSRP $24.95. Visit Nosler’s site here to purchase your own copy.


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