Armslist: We Don’t Need No Stink’n Eye Protection!

    In what I am not sure is click-bait or a true rant against all the backseat Range Officers, Armslist’s media folks has taken a rather un-mainstream opinion on the wearing of eye protection. In many of their videos, the Armslist staff is shown not wearing eye protection, which has certainly garnered the attention of the internet. Rather than acquiesce to always wearing protection, the team has posted a video explaining that they will continue to not wear eye protection stating that its their own personal risk…

    And I agree.

    Being similarly Libertarian-minded, it is very much a personal choice to wear or not wear the level of protection that one deems appropriate for the risk involved. The chances of a detonation that causes catastrophic damage to a firearm is small and further reduced by the likelihood that debris will be thrown at the eye, making their opinion make sense for those who believe that safety is a personal choice.


    Yes, being a public gun channel those that want to show best practices tend to chime in on a regular basis. And to that, I agree that it is best practice to wear eye protection. Having watched and been involved in the aftermath of an accident that caused eye damage, to me the relative discomfort of eye pro is well worth it.

    So, if they choose to not wear eye pro, that is their choice, as it is for one to not watch their videos.

    I, for one, will always recommend one wears eye protection, but if they don’t, I certainly won’t feel bad for the aftermath.

    What are your thoughts? Is Armslist right or as a public channel should they embody acceptable safety practices?

    Nathan S

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