HK to Introduce SP5K MP5K-Pistol to US Market

    HK SP5k 9mm Pistol

    Three years ago, we broke the news that Heckler & Koch was introducing a new 9mm pistol based on the MP5K short submachine gun. Now, word has broken from Kentucky Gun Co. on their Facebook page that the pistols are headed to the States in July! This is a pistol that represents an authentic Heckler & Koch MP5-type weapon in a legal to import, legal to own with just a Form 4473, and a natural SBR host for a folding MP5K-style stock.


    HK SP5k 9mm Pistol

    HK SP5k 9mm Pistol as shown 3 years ago

    The spec sheet for the new Heckler & Koch handgun is shown below; it embiggens by opening the image in a new tab:


    Interestingly, this brochure describes the MP5K erroneously as having a “rotating bolt”. Image source:


    Differing from the 2013 SP5K, the new version sports a removable Picatinny-type rail for optics and a revised forend. It comes in a lockable hard case with two magazines.

    This is great news for Heckler & Koch collectors, obviously, but the not so great news is the Teutonic price tag: $2,700 dollars per unit, pricing out of reach of the average gunnie with fond memories of the first Half-Life or Die Hard.

    Sill, if H&K meets their July release date, and if you’ve got that kinda scratch, then maybe you can make someone very happy this year and give them a machine gun SP5K, ho ho ho!




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