Exclusive: New firearms from Heckler & Koch – IWA 2016

    Good news if you live in Germany, and some other European countries. If you live in the US I suppose these will continue to be made in unobtanium, but you’re always welcome to comment below how much you would like them. As I approached the H&K stand at IWA the surprise grew bigger, is that really? Yes it is!


    An MP5K with foldable stock, called SP5k, being announced as “news”.  (k = kurz = short)

    The SP5k is available with and without Picatinny rail, and with and without a foldable stock.

    HK SP5k pistol version (no stock) costs €2000 or roughly 2200 USD, and with Picatinny rails around €200 or 200 USD higher. These prices include 19% VAT.

    The SP5k with foldable stock is €2200 and with the Picatinny rail €2400. (2.600 USD).

    All SP5k versions are in 9×19 mm and semi-auto only for civilian ownership.


    I’m not too impressed with the front hand grip, it felt loose. However it is something I could easily live with owning a legend like this.



    Foldable stock below. Don’t miss the video below.


    There was also a shorter version of the MR223 A3 in 11″, together with the 14.5″ and 16.5″ versions from before. The iron sights on this one looked really good, not sure if they are new or not.


    The MR223 A3 11″ RAL8000 is €2600.


    RAL8000 must be a code for 50 shades of light yellow brown anyways, from almost yellow to grey.

    It must be a problem with different types of surfaces finishes and how they react to different metals?

    The MR223 versions displayed below.


    Prefer 308s?  HK got you covered, and once again “shorter” is the new black.

    MR308 A3 in 13″ and RAL8000 for €2900.


    MR308 A3 in 13″ and RAL8000


    More MR308s. Note the long handguard on the top version.


    MR308s to the left and MR223s to the right


    Some more detailed pictures of the SP5k below.


    TFB-HK-4   TFB-HK-7

    Picatinny version of the SP5k below.



    Pistol version with Picatinny below.


    I spot a potential to cut my fingers on the Picatinny when loading this pistol.

    And without: SP5k in 9×19 mm.


    3 out of 4 versions. Missing is the SP5k with foldable stock without Picatinny.

    TFB-HK-15  TFB-HK-17  TFB-HK-19


    HK USC in .45 Auto and HK243s in .223 Rem. below.



    Video time – “SP5k von Heckler und Koch Vorstellung auf der IWA 2016“.

    In German, but you’ll get the idea and see the foldable stock in action. Michael Schütz is a really good competitive shooter.

    And here is Michael Schütz from HK shooting the new SP5k. Looks really nice and controllable.

    Gun laws are gun laws. I understood that you can get the HK SD5k on a hunting license in Germany.

    Is this the last HK can squeeze out of the MP5, or is there more to come?

    I also spot that HK are going in another direction than the EU are planning in terms of gun ownership.

    Don’t forget to tell us what you think below.

    More on the subject of SP5k here: H&K Semi-Automatic HK SP5k (MP5K) and HK SC5SD (MP5SD)

    Eric B

    Ex-Arctic Ranger. Competitive practical shooter and hunter with a European focus. Always ready to increase my collection of modern semi-automatics, optics and sound suppressors. TCCC Certified medic.