Rocket Pod Whistling Shotgun Slugs

    There’s a lot of crazy homemade shotgun slug vids on YouTube, remember the Juicer 12g Slugs? Or the Q-Tip Shotgun Slugs? There was also the awesome Folding Fin 12 Ga “Missile” from a while back as well. The popular YouTuber Taofledermaus known for his crazy custom shotgun slug vids is at it again with something pretty interesting. This time around they have the “Rocket Pod” shotgun slugs made by Tim Hamilton another YouTuber who runs Tactical G-Code. The 18 gram Rocket Pod shotgun slug has a carbide core and has holes on the front that looks straight out of the rocket pods from a Soviet helicopter gunship from Rambo III that should cause it to whistle in flight, hence the name of the slugs.

    Taofledermaus only has two of the custom Rocket Pod shotgun shells and he modded one by putting BBs in the holes of one of the slugs per request from his Facebook followers. They fire one Rocket Pod slug out of a Benelli Nova shotgun with a rifled choke and the other out of a Mosseberg 590 with a smooth bore. They actually do whistle in flight, but just how accurate are they? Check them out in the video below.

    Ray I.

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