NYC CNC Folding Fin 12 Ga “Missile”

    My friend John Saunders, of CNC NYC, teamed up with Taofledermaus to make CNC aluminum projectiles. It was Taofledermaus’ idea to have a projectile that would have pop out fins.

    John made three different slugs. Each successive one more intricate than the previous.


    Here is the first slug. Pretty basic. It is a pointed projectile.

    Slug 2


    The second is an evolution of the first. He cut spirals along the side and machined the base away. Taofledermaus said this shifts the weight toward to front possibly making it more aerodynamic.

    Slug 1


    He also cut the tip down in preparation for the third version.

    slug 1 front


    This is the final result. A hole is drilled down the center to allow air to pop out the fins.

    Slug 3


    The idea is sound. Taser made a successful fin stabilizing taser robot that shoots out of a 12ga shotgun.



    Here is the video of Taofledermaus testing these rounds.



    Here is the video John posted making these projectiles.



    John will be giving away one “unfired” missile slug to one of his Patreon supporters. So sign up and you can enter to win a slug missile. Click here to go to the Patreon page. Or you can follow John on his Youtube Channel, CNC NYC.

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