AR Can Cannon, declared legal by ATF

    In a promising turn of events, the recently controversial AR15 upper receiver, aluminium soda can firing “Can Cannon” made by X products, has now been declared fit for market sale again by the ATF. All existing Can Cannons that are currently in private ownership (I’ve heard about several thousand) have to be converted to the new configuration which doesn’t allow the chambering of a live 5.56x45mm round, which was the problem that ATF had beforehand, because in essence the previous Can Cannons were short barreled rifles. Although they had been designed with the intent of only shooting 5.56x45mm blank cartridges, one could load a live round in there and fire it. The accuracy of it would probably be completely off, and the fact that the handguard is the size of a fire extinguisher would make it quite difficult to conceal, but in the ATFs all seeing eyes, this was none other than an SBR. The new modifications include a sort of metal bar that doesn’t allow the chambering of a live round.

    The Can Cannon has been officially acquitted by the BATF and is not considered a short barrel shotgun, short barrel rifle, or “any other weapon” when installing it on an AR-15 lower receiver. Our new design restores the Can Cannon back to the status of “not a firearm” and “not a destructive device” in the eyes of the law. In honor of the Can Cannon’s street legal status we will be raffling away 5 new BATF Approved Can Cannons to customers who make purchases during our Tax Day Sale April 4/15 through 4/18. Winners will be announced on 4/22.

    Stay Tuned, we will be announcing a part swap program for our existing Can Cannon customers shortly!

    If you currently have one, make sure to contact the company for that parts swap program, or you can buy the new ATF approved version for $398.95 on their website, in addition to 100 rounds of 5.56x45mm blanks. All you need is an AR lower to fit it to. If the idea of shooting cans out of an AR platform gets boring, (they don’t even go that far, look at Demo Ranch below) the company has a list of other projectiles they are planning on, that do have some practicality-

    Grappling Hook (In Pre-Production)
    Net Launcher (In Sketch)
    Dog Training Toys For Duck Hunting and Retrieval
    T Shirt Launching
    Lawn Darts


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