New Caldwell Products

    Caldwell Shooting Supplies introduced a range of new products this year. Some of them, like the AR15 cooler and the long range shooting camera have been previously discussed. This article will highlight a few more of the new products.

    Ballistic Precision Chronograph G2

    Most consumer chronographs measure bullet velocity by passing a bullet over light sensors. As the bullet disrupts the light, the chronograph can measure the speed of the projectile. However, as many people know, chronographs can be very sensitive about the light source.

    In an effort to improve reliability and accuracy, Caldwell flipped the conventional chronograph upside down. Now the bullet travels under the sensor component. Additionally, the system includes built in LEDs to boost light levels when ambient brightness dips.

    It is Bluetooth capable and can pair with your phone or tablet for remote control of the system. The system includes a tripod and carry bag. The MSRP is $269.99.

    Pic Rail Adapter Plate


    Caldwell announced a new adapter that allows you to have both a shoulder sling and short Picatinny type rail on a traditional hunting rifle. These retail for $27.99.

    AR Modular Dual Point Sling Kit


    Caldwell is now offering a sling kit for the AR that includes an ambidextrous receiver end plate attachment. The sling has quick detach carbiners. The MSRP is $32.99 for the kit.

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