Caldwell’s New AR Gear


    Caldwell Shooting Supplies announced new AR gear at the recent SHOT Show. Among the new products the company is now offering is a new version of its magazine loader and a special tool designed to cool the rifle when it is being run hard.

    The new Mag Charger TAC-30 is the company’s third product in the Mag Charger line. Previously, the company has offered a different version of an AR magazine loader and another for the AK type rifles.

    The TAC-30 is designed to allow a shooter to drop rounds directly from typical 20 round boxes into the loader. Alternatively, a shooter can drop in up to three 10 round stripper clips. Once these are dropped into the unit, a quick back and forth stroke of the unit will shove all of the rounds into the magazine. These tools have a suggested retail price of $64.99.

    If you need a way to cool your AR-style rifle while on the range, Caldwell offers the Accumax AR-15 Barrel Cooler. This is a high pressure fan that inserts into the magazine well of the rifle. It is designed to create a wind tunnel inside the gun, and will cool the barrel in about half the time according to the company.

    A 12v rechargeable lithium ion battery powers the unit. It will provide about 3-4 hours of run time on a single charge. The suggested retail price for this tool is also $64.99.

    Richard Johnson

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