Caldwell Long Range Target Camera

    Caldwell Shooting Supplies has come out with a long range target camera system, labeled as the Ballistic Precision LR. Essentially it is a camera system that you set up, facing your target downrange, and is connected to a receiver that you set up at your shooting position. It broadcasts the footage via Wi Fi to the receiver, that is then broadcasted to an app on your smart phone or tablet. It allows real time footage of the target, recording, in addition to being able to save images, or send the footage/pictures to someone else. The distances it can be set up are up to a mile in length, and it runs for 6 hours, and is waterproof. The entire system is going for $499.99.

    At that price point, I don’t imagine it being very useful for casual shooters at 300 meters and in, a spotting scope should do just fine. However, for extremely long range shooting, past 600 meters, where it becomes increasingly hard to spot the impact of the round, I could see this system being a very beneficial tool. Especially if it can be used to view a standard thousand style target, where the dimensions of the target are around 6 feet by 6 feet. The ranges that these targets are used on usually require pit crews to hoist the target up and down, and record the shots. By using this target system, a long range shooter could simply drive down to the target, set up the camera, and go on about an entire days worth of shooting. What I think is missing from the system is the ability to track the number of shots, so you could literally shoot up a target, and still know which shot was most recently fired. I would also make sure the camera stand is sandbagged in, so it doesn’t blow over in the wind.

    However, using this idea, I’m sure some of you have the know how to set something like this up with your own cameras, and using wifi to view the image back at the bench.


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