Caldwell Picatinny Rail Camera Mount

Richard Johnson
by Richard Johnson

It seems that more and more people are recording video of themselves shooting. Inexpensive cameras and phones with built in video capabilities combined with free publishing platforms like YouTube, have made it possible for a lot of shooters and hunters will record time on the range or in the field to share with their friends.

Using a smart phone is typically the handiest way of recording video as it is small and always with you. Sometimes, getting a smart phone to mount on your gun is a bit tricky. Since many guns have a Picatinny rail, one of the easier solutions is to mount the phone to the rail. Caldwell Shooting Supplies now offers an inexpensive mounting solution for just this purpose.


The Caldwell Pic Rail Phone Mount attaches directly to a Picatinny rail and adjusts to fit nearly any smart phone. The phone mount is padded to dampen the recoil impulse. The mounting arm is made of aluminum. Caldwell built the mount so that it is adjustable and allows you to tilt the unit to get the best camera angle possible.

GoPro already makes a mounting clamp that attaches to the barrel of a shotgun or rifle. Of course, you don’t have to spend a fortune to work something out.

Richard Johnson
Richard Johnson

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