[SHOT 2016] Steel Core Designs Cyclone Long Range Rifle

    Steel Core Designs has a great looking long range rifle they have on display this year at SHOT. The Cyclone is geared to the tactical/military shooter with innovative features that will help a shooter hit what they are aiming for. The designer of the rifle Stephen ran me through some of them and blew my mind in the process. I am not a long range shooter in even the most remote way ad didn’t even consider things like the torque produced by a bullet being fired down the rifling throwing a shot off just a touch. Stephen decided to combat this challenge with a rotating bipod that is fixed to the end of the hand guard around the barrel in order to allow the rifle to move in line with the bore. The barrels used are London proofed Lothar barrels that enjoy a very solid reputation in the community.

    Stephen also used a 4 lug rotating bolt for strength and reliability in the most extreme conditions. He stated it had been tested at -40 degrees as all the way up to 130 degrees with no failures to feed or extract. The rifle remained accurate as well through the torture testing. Stephen also designed the rifle to accept common AICS magazines in order to allow users a wide variety of choices. Avalible in .50 BMG, .338 Lapua, and .308 Stephen feels so confident in his rifles that he gives each rifle sold a 1/2 MOA guarantee with good match ammo. Pretty bold, but I believe the rifle can do it. With MSRP at a very competitive (for the high end precision rifle market) $5750 It could be a solid contender if you are looking for a factory built precision rifle.

    IMG_0446 IMG_0449 IMG_0451 IMG_0454 IMG_0457 IMG_0458