Rainier Arms at IWA Germany 2016. Country Rifles (2/3)

    This is part 2 of the “Country Rifles” by Rainier Arms and Blown Deadline as shown at the IWA exhibition in Germany 2016.


    Part 1 can be found here.

    Bonjour! Some Freedom Fries with your SBR? Aimpoint Micro T-2 2 MOA on top. French flag.

    Together with the lower it looks really good.



    Battle Arms upper.


    Attention to detail with Denmark. Or possibly Switzerland ipscif one wanted.



    Noveske, wrapped in the German flag. So much want.

    2-Rainier-Arms-11_resize 2-Rainier-Arms-10_resize

    Noveske NSR-15.0 rail.

    2-Rainier-Arms-9_resize 2-Rainier-Arms-8_resize 2-Rainier-Arms-7_resize

    Below: Aimpoint Patrol Rifle Optic riding on top of a Swiss-flagged AR-15. Or is it Austria? I am sorry but cannot identify the brand of the upper or the rail.


    Kingdom of Sweden, Aimpoint on top of a BCM.


    Sorry I couldn’t identify all uppers. Your help in the comments section is appreciated. Thanks!

    All pictures (c) by undersigned.

    The Germany Rifle, pictures by Chummerz. Noveske, EOTech, Magpod, Rainier Arms, Geiselle & Blown Deadline. A work of art!


    A world of detail. The closer and longer you look, the more you see.


    Vive La France! Trijicon MRO on top of this version.

    TFB presents: Le SBR Française.


    The French Tricolour on what appears to be CNC machined metal from Battle Arms Development and Fortis.



    For more interesting concept and inspiration, check Blown Deadlines Gallery.

    I wonder which country will get the most likes on Chummerz Instagram?


    Which is your favorite? Which countries and firearms are missing? 

    How about an MP5 or G3 in the German flag?

    IWI Tavor in the Israeli flag?

    Glock in the Austrian colors?

    An AK in the old USSR theme?

    FN FAL in the Belgian flag? Would the Rhodesian flag be taking it too far, or just the right thing?

    Brasilian Imbel?

    Bring it on! Part 3 is on its way.


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