EOTech Asks LE Customers to Acknowledge POI Shift Issue Before Shipping Out Sights

    In the wake of the shifting zero scandal, EOTech has released an email asking law enforcement customers to acknowledge the point-of-impact shift issue before the company will ship out new sights. EOTech holographic optics were the subject of a recent USSOCOM warning, advising against using the sights. The notice is replicated below:

    Good evening,

    Please be advised that any EOTech Holographic Weapon Sight orders that are to be shipped to an agency are currently ON HOLD at EOTech. In order to get those orders released you must follow the process outlined at the bottom of this email. Most all current orders on hold are available to be shipped as soon as this process is complete. This is a fairly simple process in which you identify the order number and agency POC, and then, copy and paste an email template to the agency that includes a workable link. Inside that link, the agency POC will be able to read and acknowledge EOTech’s current specifications. At that point, once acknowledged by the agency on the web link, the product will auto ship to the agency. Some of you have seen this process as you had agency orders in queue when it rolled out, and I notified you of the steps. It was my understanding early on that this was only for current orders in queue, so I notified only those customers. Currently the directive is to continue this process until further notice, so I am sending this out to everyone. If you have a law enforcement order waiting to ship, this process must be completed. If you have a non-LE direct order that needs to ship for stocking or consumer level sales, please send me that PO number and I will get the order released. Some of those orders may have been held up if you were flagged as an LE dealer/distributor in order to ensure no agency received sights without acknowledgement. Do NOT under any circumstances attempt to circumvent this process. If it is going to an agency, it must follow the procedures. If you are a commercial, non-LE account and you received this email, you may disregard. Please, if you have any questions at all, feel free to give me a call. The process is outlined below.
    Below is the LE Acknowledgement instructions in regards to releasing orders. This is LIVE and ready to go.


    Step 1: Identify agency, obtain Point of Contact information

    Step 2: Email the agency the standard email language (Below) with Sales Order # referenced, including embedded link to HWS performance specs on EOTech’s website.

    Step 3: Agency contact completes form and acknowledges review of HWS performance specs by clicking in the acceptance box. Note: Both acceptance boxes need to be checked.

    Step 4: A copy of the agency POC acceptance is auto generated to EOTech’s order entry and to relevant sales personnel.

    Step 5: The law enforcement order is released from ship hold and is shipped.

    After the release of USSOCOM’s warning, things began to fall apart for EOTech and its parent company L3 Communications. In November of 2015, a little more than a month after the USSOCOM warning, Elite Defense formally cut ties with EOTech, ceasing to be their distributor, citing production difficulties with the company. Later that month, the US government sued L3 Communications for fraud over the thermal instability issue (although this was not the first time the company got into hot water with the Department of Justice), which the company settled for almost $26 million dollars. Soon after, the FBI’s famous Hostage Rescue Team promptly dropped EOTechs from its lineup, purchasing sights from their competitor Aimpoint to replace them.

    EOTech is currently offering a refund for any customers who have purchased their sights in the past. Now, the company is holding any further orders for LE customers unless those customers expressly acknowledge the “current specifications” for the sights (that is to say, essentially the thermal instability issue) which were released in 2015.


    H/T to  SoldierSystems.net

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