One of EOTech’s International Distributors is Bailing & It Gets Worse

    Things can’t exactly be easy-going at EO-Tech right now. The recent release of USSOCOM’s Safety of Use Message on the holographic sights not living up to their claims, specifications, and in fact having the zero shift under various conditions has been damning to the sight’s reputation.

    Elite Defense, a minor player in the domestic market (but a major acquisitions center for international defense, police, etc.) has announced they are formally cutting ties with EOTech over the issue and EOTech’s inability to communicate the issues, communicate deliveries, or just communicate in general.

    Unfortunately, it seems the situation has been known for longer than the SOUM has indicated, with EOTech actually stopping shipments in April of this year for ” what was described at the time as, a minor production issue”.


    Ay Carumba, If its been at least 6 months and no resolution has been implemented, it is far and above a “minor production issue” and sounds like a total platform issue requiring massive re-engineering. Having worked with L-3 in the past (in my previous time in Defense prior to moving to the Firearms industry), I know there are great people over there and the solution will be complete and total, but until then EOTech’s reputation is going to take a whallop.

    Soldier Systems was the first to get their hands on the Elite Defense memorandum. They have some great content too, so click the link or any photo to be taken over there. EOTech issues a formal response. 

    Nathan S

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