L3 Communications Offering Refunds for EOTechs

Ray I.
by Ray I.

Good news, everyone! L3 Communications is now offering refunds for their EOTech Holographic Weapon sights plus $15 for shipping them back to them. In case you haven’t heard about the recent EOTech fiasco the United States Government recently sued the holding company that owns EOTech known as L-3 Communications because of false claims made by the company. Apparently their sights experience a shift in zero in extreme temperatures. The international distributor for EOTech, Elite Defense, recently cut ties with L3 Communications as well. L3 Communications immediately settled with the US Government for $25.6 million.

If you’re an EOTech user I’m sure all of this is very concerning, I use an EOTech 512 on my AR-15 and all this was pretty troubling to me as well. While I haven’t experienced any changes in zero I’m also not using my rifle in extreme heat or cold. The fact that you can’t trust your pricey optics to maintain zero in various temperatures is still troubling however. But EOTech has listened to their consumers and will be issuing refunds for the amount you paid plus $15 for shipping the sight back to them. To get your refund visit www.eotechinc.com/raform.

Soldiersystems.net posted a few helpful screen shots of the message you’ll recieve once your request has been approved.

Ray I.
Ray I.

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  • Dylan Dylan on Jan 13, 2016

    Here has been my experience so far. I got approval for sending in my HWS for refund. USPS tracking confirmed that HWS arrived in Ann Arbor. For two weeks, i have not been able to contact anyone from eotech customer service either by phone or email. If you call customer service, you get an option menu. Dial 0 for operator as instructed and it routes right back to main menu. Dial 3 for support and voicemail automatically picks up. Im very worried i wont get a refund as it seems there is zero response to any method of communication.

  • Jimlongx Jimlongx on Jan 15, 2016

    Eotech sent me an email this morning stating that " Your product had been received and reviewed . A refund check will be processed. You will be kept informed by email".