Automag handgun is Back! Again…

    The Automag was originally coming back to market in 2010 after a hiatus from 1982, by a company called Auto Mag Company in Alaska. They were going to come out with a Polished Stainless and a Parkerized version, using the original design. However, that company has since folded, their webpage gone for a while now, and is no longer in existence.

    But this time around, a company in Florence, South Carolina with the name of Auto Mag LTD. CORPS. has since come into the making, and it looks like they will be bringing the much beloved design back into the market. If they are successful in producing a faithful copy, and in curing some of the problems that Autmag owners have been plagued with, then I would think that after a 34 year difference between the last one being made, a number of collectors and aficionados would take an interest in it. This company states on their website that they will be fixing a number of the problems that the handgun started off with, such as the low quality of parts because they wanted to sell it for a cheaper price. They’ve also purchased the original designs and rights from the Sanford family, in addition to a number of leftover parts. From this, they are going to be tweaking the design to see what they can fix. Their MSRP is probably going to be high because of all this production cost, but if you sign up now, you’ll receive a discount when it comes to market.



    The pistol class that it is in, is certainly an interesting one. The novelty of it inspired the design of the Desert Eagle, which is still going very strong today. The purpose of this one seems to be squarely aimed at the collectors market as opposed to the intent of the early guns, which was for big game hunting.

    We are going to make around a dozen prototype guns to use for testing and to loan out to authors and key people in the community.

    Here are the first of the Auto Mag X Bolts being made in January of 2016. As well as Images of what the new gun would look like with different finishes. The last are experiments with making a frame from 3D printed positives that will allow for precast holes that would only have to be reamed and or tapped.

    In February, we should have the first prototype barrels and Barrel extensions. Hopefully in March, we will have a complete upper ready for testing. Please understand that it could take multiple iterations of testing and resign before we have something that we would be ready to release. So please be patient. Our only timeline is to make it available when it’s ready. It’s been out of production for more than 30 years so a few more months to make sure it is right will be worth it.


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