The AutoMag Returns: The New Kodiak .44 AMP

    I always like to see old gun designs put back into production. The original Model 180 AutoMag pistol is going back into production after being discontinued about twenty years ago (please correct me if I am wrong). An Alaskan firm called Auto Mag Company, not in anyway connected with the original now defunct Arcadia Machine & Tool (AMT), will be manufacturing 1350 Automag pistols in 2011.

    Kodiak .44 AMP

    Of the 1350 pistols to be produced, 350 will be collectors “Classic” model that will be made using original Automag frames and 1000 will be the 100% new Kodiak model.

    The cost of the pistol will be $5600 for Kodiak model in stainless and $3100 with a parkerized finish. At these prices only hardcore devotees will be buying them. They company has now released pricing for the Classic model.

    The original AutoMag in .44 AMP

    The Automag Company plans only to offer the pistols chambered in the .44 Auto Mag (AMP) round. Cor-Bon still manufactures this round which sells for just under $40 per box of 20.

    [ Many thanks to Andy for emailing me the link. ]

    Steve Johnson

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