New Addition to the Federal Fusion Line

    The 6.8 SPC is a relatively young cartridge with a bit over a decade under its belt – or its case, as the case may be. But it’s seen a recent spike in use both among sport shooters and hunters, so it only makes sense manufacturers would continue to expand their available lines. New for 2016 from nearly century-old Federal, an addition to their Fusion line: 6.8 SPC 90 grain.

    The new 90-grain 6.8 SPC round is designed for use in MSRs; everything from the round’s primer to its propellant to the case is optimized for use in MSRs. Fusion rounds are both made and praised for reliable cycling. In addition to these 6.8 SPC 90 grain rounds the Fusion line includes .223 Remington 62 grain, 6.8 SPC 115 grain, and .308 Win 150 grain, among others.

    From the moment breech loaders overtook muzzle loaders there has been an endless stream of various types of rounds. Different cartridges, varying bullet weights, countless propellants – there’s a great deal out there. So much so that each time I’ve purchased a new edition of Cartridges of the World the publisher has been forced to remove older cartridges to make way for newer ones. There is so much, in fact, there’s no reason not to try more than your personal tried-and-true favorites. Why not think outside your set ammo can and try something new?

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    MSRP $29.95 for 20 rounds

    From Federal:

    Modern sporting rifles (MSRs) are the most adaptable class of firearms in history, handling everything from tactical applications to elk hunting. Fusion MSR loads are specifically designed for hunting with these rifles, performing to their ballistic peak through 16-inch barrels for AR15 platforms and 20-inch barrels for AR10 platforms. The molecularly fused bullet transfers tremendous energy on impact for deadly knockdown power.

    Fusion® MSR

    A. Primer: Compatible with rifles that have a free floating firing pin.
    B. Powder: Clean-burning, low-flash, fast-burning propellant boosts velocity through 16- to 20-inch barrels.
    C. Brass: Federal® made brass case features a harder case head for exceptional primer retention.
    D. Brass: Military-style colored iris gives visual confirmation of proper case metallurgy.
    E. Optimized boat-tail profile: For improved accuracy.
    F. Molecularly-fused jacket: Totally eliminates component separation, unlike other conventional methods. Fused around a pressure-formed core.
    G. Skived tip: Internally skived bullet for consistent long-range expansion.

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