Cast Mold Your Own AR Lower Receiver

    80% lowers are all the rage for the do-it-yourself types or those wanting to avoid the prying eyes of the US Government. The lowers are effective, but always require a machine to be able to finish (including the polymer lower receivers). Out to change that requirement and lower the barrier to entry to non-technical folk is, which has created a home casting kit for their polymer receivers.

    The base kit retails for $329.99 which includes enough material to manufacture 5 lower receivers. It includes:

    • The base reusable mold halves
    • The small parts kits (inserts)
    • Mag hold block
    • Fire control group mold block.
    • Nuts & bolts
    • Polymer Resin

    The receivers can be customized to a myriad of colors including black, blue, brown, red, orange, green, violet, & yellow. Conceivably, one could do any color with various combinations of the dyes. Additional resin mold material is about $119 for 5 additional receivers. Colors can likewise be purchased as a kit or individually.


    To ensure long-term usability, the receiver has some of the usual reinforcements found on other polymer receivers. The buffer tube tower is reinforced, the trigger guard is integral, and base receiver has struts.

    For those interested in the kit, check out their website and some videos below on how to use the kit with its various inserts.

    Nathan S

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