New: Dead Air Armament “Pyro”

    Dead Air Armament was founded by seasoned silencer pro Mike Pappas and designer Todd Magee with one goal in mind: building the best specialized products in the industry. It’s a lofty goal, for sure, but in founding Dead Air Armament and setting to work designing and manufacturing suppressors – among other things – they’ve made their mark on the gun world. Now they’ve come out with something new for 2016: the Pyro.

    The Pyro isn’t a suppressor, it’s a muzzle brake, but according to the company¬†it isn’t just any muzzle brake. It’s the Pyro Enhanced Muzzle Brake and it’s being released just in time for SHOT Show 2016. This is a unique muzzle brake, one designed not only to do the job of directing muzzle flash away from the operator but to function specifically in CQB situations. It’s 2.9″ long and weighs 5.5 ounces. According to the company it’s manufactured for durability and longevity just like all their products and has a Cerakote finish.¬†Perhaps best of all, Dead Air Armament backs the Pyro with a no questions asked lifetime guarantee. MSRP $259.

    Mike Pappas, Dead Air Armament’s director of product development, had a few words to say about the company’s newest addition: “If you don’t live in a free state that allows you to own one of our Sandman suppressors, you should get yourself a Dead Air Pyro. You’ll like it. Trust me.” I’m guessing you’re going to like it even if you do live in a state that allows suppressors, especially given the paperwork, money, and time involved in obtaining a suppressor (although all that effort is certainly worth it, a good suppressor is a wonderful thing not only for target shooting but for hunting).


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