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    SIG Sauer was established in 1985 but can actually trace its roots as far back as 1853 to its way-back predecessor, the Swiss Wagon Factory. Today the company is something of a force to be reckoned with and in the last couple years has announced more than a few interesting new products. Among those new offerings was their Elite Performance ammunition line which was launched in 2014. It has proven to be made up of some truly nice and – more importantly – reliable, rounds. They recently announced the addition of the .38 Special, .44 S&W Special, and .45 Colt, among others. But as we say when trying to build anticipation, wait, there’s more.

    The newest addition to the SIG Elite Performance Ammunition lineup is the SIG HT .300 BLK Supersonic round. The new round has a 120 grain copper bullet and promises to deliver fantastic energy transfer and the creation of a devastating wound cavity. From a 16″ barrel, expansion is reported at 1.8X, muzzle velocity is reported at 2250 feet per second, and muzzle energy is reported at 1349 foot pounds. This isn’t just any ammo, it’s ammo made for hunting – hunting everything from deer to predators to feral hogs.

    The president of SIG Sauer’s Ammunition Division, Dan Powers, had this to say about the new .300 BLK hunting round: “Given the popularity of the 300BLK, we wanted to offer ammunition truly designed for hunting that expands upon impact. The 300BLK is our first offering in this new SIG HT hunting line of premium grade rifle ammunition. The SIG HT 300BLK supersonic hunting round is in addition to our Match Grade subsonic and supersonic 300BLK rounds. In the coming months, we will be introducing a 220gr subsonic 300BLK hunting round in addition to new rifle ammunition in a variety of other calibers.”

    The .300 BLK can certainly be a capable hunting round. I’ve watched it zip down-range to do its work on feral hogs and coyotes and some hunters also use it to drop deer. These new SIG Elite Performance Ammunition rounds look promising and I’m looking forward to putting them into not only the requisite stationary targets but also to using them to bring home the bacon, literally.

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    Visit SIG’s site at for a closer look at their Elite Performance Ammunition.

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