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Ultralight Silence - The New Dead Air NOMAD-TI TFB’s Behind The Gun Podcast Episode #11: Mike Pappas And Eric Rogers of Dead Air Armament KNS adjustable gas piston

TFB REVIEW: Dead Air Wolverine With The KNS Adjustable Gas Piston

Earlier this year I took it upon myself to source all the parts I needed for my “Dream AK”.  The goal, take a Romanian DRACO, and turn it into the side folder AK I had always dreamed of owning.  Many months and a tax stamp later, my dream AK was finally finished. [Read More…]

Dead Air Sandman-S: 10,000 Rounds Later Nomad

FIRST SHOTS: The New Dead Air Armament Nomad 30 Silencer

No, it is not the weekend quite yet. Whereas we usually like to share our heavy silencer news, information and analysis on TFB’s Silencer Saturday series, today we have a special treat. Kicking off the season of new NFA product announcements is Dead Air Armament with [Read More…]

Odessa-9 silencer guide