TFB’s Rifle (And Subgun) Weight Omnibus – How Heavy is Your Rifle? (Part 1 of 3)

    In October, I traveled out to see my co-writer Alex C. to collect data on the weights of different long guns and some of their components. Over that weekend, I weighed 58 rifles and submachine guns, and numerous magazines, bolts, bolt carriers, and other miscellaneous items. The purpose of this was not only to collate a general list of the weights of different weapons, but to be able to enhance the accuracy of a previous spreadsheet I’d produced showing the loaded “combat” weights of different rifles; that being available at this link.

    Note 1. The weights on the scale are in kilograms, period, grams. Therefore, if the scale reads “3.425”, that should be read “three kilograms, four-hundred twenty-five grams”. If the scale reads “3. 25”, that should be read “three kilograms, twenty-five grams”. I realize most of my readers probably are more familiar with pounds than they are kilograms, so the weights have been converted in the text body. The conversion factor I am using, for those who want to check my work – please do, by the way – is 2.205 pounds per kilogram.

    Note 2. Where practical, I removed slings before weighing rifles, however, some rifles were weighed with their slings attached. In some of these cases, the slings have their weight bearing on the table, effectively removing them from the rifle, but it still should be noted that the weight of the slings may be throwing off these values, slightly. Where the slings are fully on the scale with the rifle, this should be made obvious by the image. Most cotton and leather slings have a similar weight, so this can be subtracted from the value shown on the scale to give bare rifle weight, if desired. I weighed a USGI cotton web sling, which came out to 0.126 kilograms, or 0.278 pounds. Leather slings will vary a lot, but a USGI leather M1907 sling weighs approximately 0.320 kilograms, or 0.706 pounds.


    Now, without further ado, I present my findings on the unloaded weights of these weapons, and the weights of their magazines, in alphabetical order.


    1. ARMALITE AR-180 (Costa Mesa)

    Weight, Rifle: 3.390 kg, 7.745 lb

    Weight, Magazine: 0.082 kg, 0.181 lb



    2. BENELLI MR-1

    Weight, Rifle: 3.640 kg, 8.026 lb

    Weight, Magazine: 0.122 kg, 0.269 lb



    3. BERETTA AR-70

    Weight, Rifle: 3.608 kg, 7.956 lb

    Weight, Magazine: 0.258 kg, 0.569 lb




    Weight, Rifle: 3.766 kg, 8.304 lb

    Weight, Magazine: 0.138 kg, 0.304 lb




    Weight, Rifle: 3.666 kg, 8.084 lb

    Weight, Magazine: Same as 8, 0.106 kg, 0.,234 lb



    6. CENTURY VZ2008, FIXED STOCK (SA vz. 58 clone)

    Weight, Rifle: 3.048 kg, 6.721 lb

    Weight, Magazine: 0.192 kg, 0.423 lb



    7. CENTURY VZ2008, FOLDING STOCK (SA vz. 58 clone)

    Weight, Rifle: 2.832 kg, 6.245 lb

    Weight, Magazine: 0.192 kg, 0.423 lb



    8. COLT LE6920

    Weight, Rifle+Optic: 3.400 kg, 7.497 lb

    Weight, Optic: 0.430 kg, 0.948 lb

    Weight, Rifle: 2.970 kg, 6.549 lb

    Weight, Magazine: 0.106 kg, 0.234 lb

    1009151056 1009151056cUSGI


    9. DAEWOO K1A1, 16″ BBL

    Weight, Rifle: 2.962 kg, 6.531 lb

    Weight, Magazine: Same as 8, 0.106 kg, 0.234 lb



    10. FAXON ARAK-21 (16″ MED. CONTOUR)

    Weight, Rifle: 3.544 kg, 7.815 lb

    Weight, Magazine: Same as 8, 0.106 kg, 0.234 lb



    11. FN FNC

    Weight, Rifle: 3.720 kg, 8.203 lb

    Weight, Magazine: 0.220 kg, 0.485 lb



    12. FN FS2000 STANDARD

    Weight, Rifle: 3.694 kg, 8.145 lbs

    Weight, Magazine: Same as 8, 0.106 kg, 0.234 lb




    Weight, Rifle: 4.282 kg, 9.442 lb

    Weight, Magazine: 0.240 kg, 0.529 lb



    14. FN SCAR 16S

    Weight, Rifle: 3.214 kg, 7.087 lbs

    Weight, Magazine: Same as 11, 0.220 kg, 0.485 lb



    15. FN SCAR 17S

    Weight, Rifle: 3.616 kg, 7.973 lb

    Weight, Magazine: 0.242 kg, 0.534 lb



    16. G.41 (M)

    Weight, Rifle: 4.916 kg, 10.840 lb

    Weight, Magazine: N/A



    17. G.43 (W)

    Weight, Rifle: 4.108 kg, 9.058 lb

    Weight, Magazine: 0.216 kg, 0.476 lb

    Weight, Optic (ZFK43): 0.652 kg, 1.438 lb

    1010151442 1010151441d 1010151441b


    18. GALIL ARM

    Weight, Rifle: 4.404 kg, 9.711 lb

    Weight, Magazine: 0.304 kg, 0.670 lb

    1009151202a 1009151210a



    Weight, Rifle: 3.426 kg, 7.554 lb

    Weight, Magazine: Same as 8, 0.106 kg, 0.234 lb



    20. HK G3 (PTR91, wood furniture)

    Weight, Rifle: 4.192 kg, 9.243 lb

    Weight, Magazine (Steel): 0.268 kg, 0.591 lb

    Weight, Magazine (Aluminum): 0.134 kg, 0.295 lb

    1010151404e 1010151405 1010151417a


    21. HK G36K

    Weight, Rifle: 2.958 kg, 6.522 lb

    Weight, Magazine: 0.136 kg, 0.300 lb

    1009152314ab 1009152305c


    22. HK MP5

    Weight, Rifle: 2.618 kg, 5.773 lb

    Weight, Magazine: 0.180 kg, 0.397 lb



    23. HK MP5K-PDW (MKE receiver)

    Weight, Rifle: 2.620 kg, 5.777 lb

    Weight, Magazine: 0.120 kg, 0.269 lb



    24. HK MR556 SBR (HK416 D10RS config.)

    Weight, Rifle: 2.828 kg, 6.236 lb

    Weight, Magazine: 0.246 kg, 0.542 lb

    1009152137HK maritime


    25. HK33

    Weight, Rifle: 3.962 kg, 8.736 lb

    Weight, Magazine: 0.244 kg, 0.538 lb

    1010151408b 1010151346c


    26. HK53

    Weight, Rifle: 3.464 kg, 7.638 lb

    Weight, Magazine: Same as 25, 0.244 kg, 0.538 lb



    27. LJUNGMANN AG M.42

    Weight, Rifle: 4.414 kg, 9.733 lb

    Weight, Magazine: 0.258 kg, 0.569 lb

    1010151300 1010151300c


    28. M1 CARBINE (early, no bayonet lug)

    Weight, Rifle: 2.080 kg, 4.586 lb

    Weight, Magazine: 0.078 kg, 0.172 lb



    29. M1 GARAND (with M1907 sling)

    Weight, Rifle: 4.790 kg, 10.562 lb



    30. M1A1 THOMPSON

    Weight, Rifle: 4.798 kg, 10.580 lb

    Weight, Magazine: 0.238 kg, 0.525 lb


    Stay tuned for Part 2, where we’ll weigh everything from a SIG AMT to a Pedersen rifle!

    Nathaniel F

    Nathaniel is a history enthusiast and firearms hobbyist whose primary interest lies in military small arms technological developments beginning with the smokeless powder era. He can be reached via email at [email protected]