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Rimfire Tommy Gun by TFB Reader Mike Johnson (3) Thompson Auto-Ordnance released a commemorative Iwo Jima set of three signature firearms. Thompson Auto-Ordnance Introduces Limited Edition D-Day Series Guns (660) Experimental Thompson SMG with a Folding Stock (2) Case Hardened Tommy Gun Tanker WWII Thompson

What’s It Like To Shoot A Real Life Tommy Gun? Fallout Guns Vs. Real World Guns

In anticipation of the release of Fallout 76 in November, we’re taking a look at the guns of the Fallout universe and comparing them to real guns. The Fallout series of games is set in a post apocalyptic alternate history universe that diverged from our history somewhere after 1945. The [Read More…]

Thompson 9mm Carbine

TFB’s Rifle (And Subgun) Weight Omnibus – How Heavy is Your Rifle? (Part 1 of 3)

In October, I traveled out to see my co-writer Alex C. to collect data on the weights of different long guns and some of their components. Over that weekend, I weighed 58 rifles and submachine guns, and numerous magazines, bolts, bolt carriers, and other miscellaneous [Read More…]