New Meopta R2 Riflescope

    Optics are an important part of shooting for countless gun owners. If you’re a hunter they gain an even greater importance, especially if you enjoy hunting at longer distances. And considering the element of fun added by dropping a feral hog at 1000 yards, I have to say yes, you definitely want to good optics. Realistically, though, most hunters are more likely to hunt at significantly closer distances and the average longer shot is likely to be perhaps 250 to 300 yards. A reliable scope for mid-range shots is a must for every hunter’s kit, and now Meopta is coming out with a new riflescope meant to fill that particular need.

    The new Meopta riflescope is the MeoStar R2 8×56 RD. It’s a part of the company’s R2 riflescope line and is a fixed power 30mm scope. The new MeoStar is specifically designed for hunting at moderate ranges and meant to provide improved clarity in dim light. It’s made with a Schott glass lens with a Meolux coating, designed to deliver 99.8% light transmission. As with all of Meopta’s riflescopes the MeoStar R2 8X56 RD is machined from aircraft-grade aluminum alloy for superior durability. The scope is 13.9″ long and weighs 20.7 ounces.


    From Meopta:

    “The MeoStar R2 8×56 RD riflescope features ¼ MOA windage and elevation adjustments and is available with illuminated reticles 4C or 4K in the second focal plane. The RD8 illumination system in this scope has eight levels of reticle intensity so the brightness level of the red dot can be adjusted to accommodate the ever-changing light and weather conditions in the field – from the brightest sunshine and snow to the dimmest light. The windage and elevation turrets are quickly resettable to zero and easy to grip, even with gloves on. Eye relief is constant at 3.9 inches and the quick-focus eyepiece ensures a crisp, clear and sharp image. Meopta’s MeoDrop™ hydrophobic lens coating easily repels rain, snow, skin oils and dirt while the external lens surfaces are protected from scratches and abrasion by Meopta’s MeoShield™ coating which meets military specifications for durability and surface hardness.”

    MSRP $1494.99. Visit the company’s website for a better look at their various optics: At press time this new model was not yet added to Meopta’s website’s R2 list but it should be quite soon.

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