New Crosman Pioneer Airbow

    It may not be a firearm but it’s a weapon well worth a second look especially for hunters. New from Crosman is the Pioneer Airbow, which is technically a bow due to the simple fact that it shoots arrows but is operated like a gun with a configuration similar to that of a bullpup. The Pioneer Airbow features an integrated pressure regulator and is powered by compressed air. Filled to its maximum of 3000 psi the new Airbow can fire 8 shots – full-size arrows and full-weight broadheads. The two most interesting things about this are the first and most obvious fact that this is basically a bullpup that shoots arrows and that these arrows move with impressive speed.

    Arrows fired from recurve bows travel at an average of 225 fps while arrows fired from compound bows travel at an average of 300 fps. But a 375 grain arrow fired from the Airbow travels at 450 fps. Not only that, according to Crosman it’s possible to fire all 8 arrows in the same timeframe it takes to fire just 3 arrows using a crossbow. Greater speed means a more balanced trajectory and increased resistance to wind, which translates to improved accuracy.

    The Airbow has an ambidextrous top cocking bolt Crosman says can be easily operated using just two fingers thanks to a cocking force of 2 pounds. It’s 33.5″ long. Weight is not listed. Realtree AP decals are included for those who prefer a camo finish instead of black.

    Of course, the catch many hunters may be thinking of is a rather big one: is it legal to hunt with the Airbow? Crosman has a detailed map on their website showing which states the Airbow can be used in to hunt what game (look at According to their map coyotes and predators are what can be hunted in almost every state using the new bow system and although larger game depends far more on where you live, hopefully options will increase soon. I, for one, cannot wait to take one of these hunting.

    MSRP $849. The Crosman Pioneer Airbow can be pre-ordered now and will be available in April 2016. Visit

    From Crosman: “The Pioneer Airbow features a black synthetic stock with a Picatinny rail system for mounting accessories and includes: Three 375 grain carbon fiber arrows with nano ceramic Victory ICE™coating for increased speed, penetration and easier retrieval, plus field tips; CenterPoint 6×40 mm optic with custom MTAG reticle offering aiming points to 75 yards; A canted Picatinny base providing an additional 20 MOA of adjustment; Custom sling Quick-detach quiver.”

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